One Life…

An Atheist has one life to liveI’m often asked: “As an atheist, what’s your life for without god?”, the question seems based in the rather silly notion that your worth is attached to your belief system or “god”. I prefer to know that every human being has intrinsic worth, and that your personal beliefs are just the way you choose to express part of your personality. Religion is a choice, a decision just like every other we make that affects our lives, it doesn’t add or subtract from your worth.

As an atheist I have worth, my life has meaning and I have values and principles which help me navigate the tumultuous world we live in. I find strength and comfort knowing that my life is not a test, that right now I can make choices and act towards a more positive world… Without the need for a reward waiting for me just because I do ‘good’.

Perhaps you feel the same, with or without the belief in a deity… After all, do you not want to be the most you can be in this life?


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