Befilled with wonder

Watching my two and a half year old niece playing in the bath reminded me about the wonder in even the little things, and how often as ‘grown-ups’ we don’t go “Sqeee!” at the sight of a flashing ball making “bloop” in the bath. We usually seek more elaborate pleasures that excite us, sometimes more those dictated by society. I often pause and look around where ever I am, focus on something and then just let my eyes drift over its features, or touch and smell when I can. It fills me with a small private joy, not something I could explain fully or rationalise.

The world around us offers many opportunities for little experiences and being filled with awe at the amazing complexity, or simplicity of the stuff around us. Nature is full of tiny mysteries happening constantly that we over look, or small ignored beauty – Watching clouds form and deform above, or pondering where the ants are heading on their little highway, looking deep in a dogs eyes and wondering what thoughts live in its mind…

Don’t exclude people from nature, they’re as much a part of the environment as they think themselves above it. Architecture thrills me to no end, thinking why the designer added a certain feature, or how the builders put it all together. Taking a moment to look at the stars and just be made small by thinking how vast the universe is, but how powerful your influence in your world is.

The marvelous sensations that if allowed to consume us are available everywhere, not just touch, but sight, smell, taste and imaginations raw materials. Being child-like and just enjoying the thrills of your senses.

What makes you want to go “Squee!”

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