Human Rights…

Human_rights_smToday is Human Rights day in South Africa, as we mostly just look at this as a “day off work”, I thought I’d take a moment and remind myself and others about what Human Rights are (I believe it should always be capitalised).

Human Rights are not ‘god given’, if they were, we’d have a terrible time deciding what a human is. As an Atheist it’s simple for me – all homo sapiens are human beings. No religion can change this! So, if you’re reading this and are indeed of the homo genus, you are human; if you’re not  – “Welcome to earth, please enjoy your stay, mind the step”.

I have the right to freedom! Freedom to think what ever I like, to choose what I believe, what I learn, who I love and who I am friends with. Human Rights go much further in the legal definitions, but fundamentally, as sentient living things, we want the freedom to live our lives in what ever way we decide fit; without our choices becoming reasons for fear. It comes with a cost, you must respect that everyone has the same rights as you, even when you feel the beliefs, associations or lifestyle of another person don’t fit with what you choose.

Human Rights and having them mean you will not force your own will on others, in anyway!

I’ve excluded freedom of speech deliberately, because though you are – by right – allowed to say what you like, you must put some thought into what you say. The human voice is a very powerful force, it can move people to unite and be healed, feel loved and accepted, or divide people and instill fear, anger, rage and despair. Use your right to speak carefully, use it to bring us closer to understanding, rather than judgment and segregation or infringing on another persons rights.

I wish everyone, everywhere to have their Human Rights respected today, tomorrow and everyday after that.

{I got a bit preachy about this, too often we use our ‘rights’ to inflict such harm on another human being, that I wish there were laws that could strip a person of their Human Rights when they show no respect for another’s.}

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