Even if I Knew god Existed I Still Wouldn’t Worship Him/Her

Constant Consciousness

My progress on this website has slowed because I have been consumed with the desire to work on fiction. Sadly I cannot post that work here because I have something of a hopeless desire to see it published so that I may finally stop calling myself a writer when I actually have no career to speak of.

Nonetheless I enjoy the topics I cover on this blog and will continue to post new work when the mood strikes me, as it has now. This is partly because I have finally decided to speak on a subject I have long looked forward to writing on.

The title already says it, but for the sake of theatre I shall repeat it here:

Even if I knew god existed I still wouldn’t worship him/her.

That is a rather vague statement. Which god? What interpretation of god? What do you mean by “worship?”


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