How I Found Faith in Atheism

Noisy Nerd

Step On Me

“If you don’t believe in God, how do you have faith?” A version of this question comes up in nearly every conversation in which I describe myself as an atheist to someone who is religious. For a very long time, my answer was that I didn’t need faith. My naivety about religion and resentment towards it combined with the hubris I gained in what I thought was the discovery of my own beliefs caused me to act in a more aggressive way toward religion. Not only did I not believe in any god, but I sought out any chance to proclaim it. I was distraught by the idea that I could not persuade others to agree with me (and I often tried). I am happy to have grown, learned and moved away from such presentiment toward theism.

As a child, I prayed, attended religious gatherings and feared god, but I…

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