Activism and Our Personal Status Quo

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Activism…this is something that most Americans pursue in some form or another, regardless of beliefs or political affiliation. It can take the form of traditional activism, charity work, or even humanitarianism. There are several steps to activism that we need to understand before we can discuss the problems.

1. Awareness – You’re aware of the issue, and maybe willing to discuss it.

2. Action – Here you may donate money, attend a protest, write about the issue, or support larger organizations that work for the issue.

3. Actual change – This is where you’ve left your comfort zone and pushed for real change in the world around you.

The majority of people don’t go beyond awareness. They’ll talk about an issue and belief strongly about it, so long as it doesn’t cost them any money or time. A good example of this are the people believe they are saving the environment…

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