Temple of TED?

We’ve started one in Joburg, it’s the most fulfilling part of being free to join and begin building new types of community.

Secular Chaplain


A recent response to a commentator on Secular Chaplain about TED Talks, got me thinking again about this idea of a congregation-experience for the non-congregated.

This is either a Hot Topic or a Big Yawn for the Non-Theistic non-community community (the Nones can seem like the Nons).

Those of us who have emerged (or thinking of emerging) from the members-only traditional religious/spiritual groups, often wonder what could be next.  Is a “life after faith” always going to be primarily about why we left and what we criticize. . .or can it NOW be about the Good Life Ahead on the Path, and the possibility of creating New Community?

Seriously.  I’m a Realist and not an Idealist with this. 

It would take a lot of time, energy and commitment.

And, believe me, I know, I know. . .herding freethinkers is like herding iguanas. . .or beetles, or something.

But I’ve…

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