An Atheist’s Perspective: Is Materialism Really the Reason?

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The Vatican is shortly to convene a meeting to address the problems that they, as an organization are having. Namely, that there appears to be a sharp divide between their teachings and the practices of their members, e.g. they have a ban on artificial contraception yet most Catholics seem to ignore it–in the U.S. for example 82% of Catholics either regularly use contraception or have no issue with them (Gallup Poll 2012). How can this be? How can a group of people comprising the single largest religious denomination be at once faithful but also cherry pick what it is that they are faithful toward? 

The Vatican released a survey among its followers and their response led them to the conclusion that the results are in a agreement that the “underlying reasons for the difficulty in accepting church teachings, namely, the pervasive and invasive new technologies; the influence of the mass…

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