Not Light, but Fire

A moving piece that resonates with the humanity in me.

Secular Chaplain

mind on fire

Sometimes those of us who no longer believe, who are the Heretics of Our Age, who ask the hard questions of faith and pointedly challenge the Bible-believers and God-Experts. . .sometimes we can get a bit edgy, even sarcastic and a little angry and mean.  I do it too and I’m not always proud of that.

Yet, however, but. . .there are reasons sometimes to Tell it Like it Is and Speak the Truth in the face of furious, fearful and fact-challenged faithful who think they Own “the Truth” and Truth is Their God (remember “I am the Truth”?).

This is why I particularly appreciate these lines from former slave (and former believer in American Religion) Frederick Douglass.  He knew, he bore the scars of, the literal whip of the piously powerful and their scriptures of slavery.  And, he knew both the great joy and great responsibility of…

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