Death by Fear.

Please offer you support and encouragement to these wonderful people, who find themselves in the repressive grip of a religious group. Show them that they have already started to conquer their fear, and overcome adversity.

teal tomato

People may experience different psychosomatic symptoms during emotional crises, but the reality that the emotional affects the physical is no less true.  Right now, I feel like every part of my body is trembling.  I’ve completely lost my appetite.  Food is an object rather than something I desire.  I find sleep elusive.  My heart beats so strongly I feel its rhythm in my ears.  My circulation doesn’t seem right because I am both too hot and too cold.  My extremities are tingly.  I am one thought away from tears at all times.  My digestion is abnormal.  And forget the butterflies; I have spiders in my stomach.

Why?  I am confronting my over-two-and-a-half-decade-long deepest fear – and not just confronting it, but swimming in it, soaking in it, drowning in it.  And instead of finding freedom, I find sickness because everything I feared would happen did – and is. Even…

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