Revealing Truth…

This is a comment I made on TealTomato’s recent post. Teal is facing the difficulties about revealing her atheism to her family. It seems like the typical outcome when someone is brave enough to begin truly living their Truth. I wanted to share Teal’s and my friends story, and also how it has affected me.


Over the last few days I have been tormented by the memories of my own revelation (YES, I hate that “coming out of the closet” crap). Not only here in the digital space, but in my own real life, where a friend is being made to suffer for her revelation, or other friends who have to put their Truth in the cold dark of secrecy and pretence.

My heart is broken…SHATTERED!

I wish I could do more. Give all of you hugs and whisper to you “Even this will pass. As everything passes out of existence.”

When I revealed my Truth, that I was leaving the church, I was isolated from everything I knew. Friends from the church stopped wanting to be around me, in case they ‘caught’ my disbelief I guess. My brother knew about my doubts before, but he became more distant. My mother, even though we lived in the same house wouldn’t speak to me for 9 months, she’d leave the room if I stayed there too long… I was suddenly inundated by visits from ministers of all sorts, uncles coming to talk me into coming back to the “RIGHT path”, even though they had never taken anything but a cursory interest in my life before.

They denied me access to the love I needed. I wanted their assurance that, “You are still part of us.” They betrayed their own hearts, their love and for something that would not affect their beliefs, or harm them in any way.

It was a cold place to be. I would never wish it upon anyone… atheist. theist…anyone.

I survived that. I stood in the light of my Truth and showed the world who I was. To turn back and have to hide my Truth again was an intolerable choice. To succumb to the lonely agony of dishonouring my soul, my spirit, and become my own enemy…I couldn’t do that.

Not for them.

They showed me that their love was flimsy, based on “You are either with us, or against us”. The only way to convince someone you are not a threat, is to stand with your hand out in a gesture of welcome. So I stood in the radiance of my revelation… I held true to my core…I honoured my Truth and love for them.

Today, I can share my support, give my empathy and live as an example. That experience helped me grow, made me strong enough to stand with others in their fire. To empathise with my entire being and still be open to being kind to those that are trying to do harm.


I’ve also started writing what I’m currently calling “Letters of Light” – I know it sounds all Hippie and stuff, and my cousin will remind me of the days I had hair down passed my shoulders – They are simply letters of encouragement to anyone who is having dificulty with their beliefs, and particularly when they reveal that they no long wish to follow the path of their family, friends, society or just struggling to find their way. It wasn’t fire that gave humans an advantage and protection over other animals, it was the light that fire provides. Allowing us to see into the dark night, and know where the danger lay.

To anyone who has experienced the pain of exile, rejection for revealing their truth, you know how much a kind word can mean… even from an empathetic stranger.


GooD be with you all 🙂  {I thank Secular Chaplain for this, its a great way of signing off letters}


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