Coming out of the closet to our pastor.

The right way to accept a person for standing for their beliefs

teal tomato

attic-112267_1280“Hey, can we meet you for lunch sometime this week?”

“How about tomorrow at 11:30?”

Tomorrow came.  As I pulled into an empty parking spot, Silver (my husband) was unlike himself.  “You okay?  You seem really nervous,” I asked.

“Yeah, I just.. this is a big deal, you know? I’ve been the poster child for the success of our church, so this will be devastating to Jon [our pastor],” Silver’s voice was unstable.  But he was right.  Silver’s transformation validated and legitimized the ministry of our darling Christian church.  His story out of darkness, into light, and then into ministry as a missionary was one that many within our congregation shared with others to help generate momentum.  Totally with his permission, our church and individuals’ ministries within it capitalized on Silver’s story as a means to help raise finances.  “What will my unbelief say about them, now?”

We ordered…

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