The Christian bedtime story…

Would you tell your children this story?

Once upon a time, there was a father (we can call him George)and he had a son (we’ll call him JJ). They lived in a big mansion, where George, took in orphans and took care of them.

But George was very strict, he did not like the orphans playing in the lounge or the mansion…so…he punished them by putting them in a cupboard for an hour. After a while, the orphans didn’t care about being in the cupboard…because they knew it would be all over. So George, made a rule, if you play in the lounge, you will not be allowed to stay in the mansion…

So…when an orphan broke the rule, he was not just put in the cupboard, but sent back to the over crowded and terrible orphanage (FOR EVER…or until he turned 18). But the orphans just kept on playing in the house…because, let’s face it…what the heck does a 4 year old know about rules and not playing somewhere…it’s fun to chase your “sister” under and around the table legs.

Eventually, George was getting really angry about these kids playing in the mansion, and he wasn’t happy about sending these orphans back to this crappy orphanage, so….he decides that he needs to do something so these kids will listen.

He takes his son, JJ, out into the back yard… calls all the kiddies there…
And he says “This is my son, who I am very proud of. Today, he will sacrifice himself so that YOU can be forgiven for playing in the house.”

George proceeds to beat the crap out of him (near death, and brutally enough to stain the grass with blood). Obviously to the horror of the kiddies -Who needs to see that.

George then said “Now, I have beaten my son, who I love with all my heart, so that you can have forgiveness when you play in the house. As long as you accept my son, JJ’s sacrifice, you will only spend a short while in the cupboard, and not be sent to the orphanage”

The kiddies NEVER EVER EVER played in the house again!


I wonder if Christians would tell THIS story to their kids at bedtime…and then say “This is because George LOVED the orphans. That’s why he had to beat his own son near death. I love you my children. Sleep well.”



One thought on “The Christian bedtime story…

  1. Comment I wrote a while back:
    What about boiling babies in 2 Kings 6:28-29. Please don’t say they took that out. It’s a favorite bedtime story for the whole family. When Uncle Fester reads it, he stirs a cauldron right in the fireplace.


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