An Atheist’s Mission

Set them damn straight T.S.!

Constant Consciousness

My ultimate goal is to teach all your kids that god is a lie and that only a hedonistic life where sin is an opinion rather than fact is the way to go.

I really shouldn’t make jokes like that considering the large number of people who skim sentences of my posts rather than reading the whole thing (the staggering amount of people who rescind their “likes” of my posts is evidence enough of that).

Often I’ll come across an evangelical type claiming that the “godless” are trying to steer your children away from the lord and put them on the dark path.

Dude, I hate kids. They can believe whatever they want, I don’t care. Not like a child has the capacity to really “believe” anything with rational conviction anyway.

Here’s the thing: most atheists have had people tirelessly try and convert them back to religion. My uncles’ (yes…

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