Fate your own…

This is a quick post. I’ve been busy recently, and haven’t written anything…hope this poem is enjoyed 🙂

Fate your own

And he will come

The Lord of all?

Aye in splendours of purity

But will he come for us?

Will he save us from our fate?

I say he will come

Our Lord will come

And he will not harm us?

He will come and do what he must

If harming us is to save us

Be it so to save us

Save us?



Our enemies

Our fate


Our fate must be our fate

No one can change that

Or is this Lord our fate?


He is merely the vehicle for change

Then I will be my own lord

He that will come is not a lord

He is the one, who will bring nothing to the fore

He is just as we are

In need of saving

Lords are what we are

By choice

By Fate

I shall be my own lord

And he that comes?

He will feel that he has no place

And he will go and never come again

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