I don’t want to understand!

This post is a little follow on from Explosing my mom’s religion…

The request I made for a verse from the bible demonstrating an god’s love, resulted in only this :




John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.


After experiencing the “christian logic” of validating someone’s brutal torture, and having to repeatedly explain – YES! ACTUALLY EXPLAIN – how someone being tortured and murdered isn’t an act of love, I was loosing my restraint. The debate shifted to validating that Jesus was in fact god, and all his works should be considered as god’s in every way… I refused to accept that logic because then it would invalidate the very point of Jesus’ existence.

The debate went on with all these verses about ‘god is love’ but nothing showing any act of love, at least nothing a rational and moral person would consider a way of showing love to another human being. The repeat of John 3:16, and again the reasons why it isn’t an act of love to kill yourself for yourself so that you can forgive those you created.

A commenter stated that the New Testament over rides and effectively nullifies the Old Testament, which lead me to this final closing remark.

“Steven, you’re talking out of your ASS! Jesus himself says he isn’t here to change the old ways. In fact, nothing changes after he dies-comes back-floats away… except they he hasn’t come back, not even for his dear friends, and that your god no longer speaks at all to any living human and is silent of the horrors that your people have and still do perpetuate in “his” name, under the soiled cloak of righteousness.

I don’t want to understand! Not after today. I feel such sadness for you all. That you would continue to portray such a monstrous demon of your own creation as loving and kind – and that your god’s kindness and love is built and drenched in so much blood and human on human hatred and violence… and worse still you accept that as truth. But still you wish it upon me, a person who is revolted by the very idea of murder, torture and making someone suffer.

Your religion is one designed by the very same people who committed that poor man/demi-god/god-himself to a painful execution. And then, through some poorly veiled remorse, they now revel and celebrate the brutal death of an innocent, while cheering ‘he has died for US so that WE can be as Kings’.

I will not succumb to the vile and compassionless, self-aggrandising and simultaneous self-loathing that Christianity demands of me. I would rather be wrong than live a life of such disdain that my very being and existence are sickened to the core by.

Go dance and clap and sing the praise of gloom and murder, while showing such unadulterated gratitude to that savage act of violence; so much so that one can know you are filled with ecstasy at the thought – ‘Jesus was crucified for me!’. The joy Christians express about such an event is enough to make me swear on my mortal life – “I will never pray to the god of Abraham, for he is the bringer of darkness and pain and suffering!”


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