Atheist Perspective: Driving Backward

Killing curiosity will only lead is to the destruction of what makes us human.

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Aristotle opens the Metaphysics with the idea that what people desire most is to know. It is inherent in our nature to want to know what we do not. In seeking the answers to all of the questions we are not doing something novel or unique but fulfilling what is inherent to our very being. The quest for what is unknown can never truly be fulfilled but still the search is what makes it worth it. The search can only move forward if we do not have to start over each time we begin.

There are those people that claim to have the ultimate knowledge, perfect knowledge of all things. A claim like this should always be met with skepticism and a demand for evidence. We should always distrust those saying that they know the unknowable. As Cicero once put it, “for what is more unbecoming than ill-considered haste? and…

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