Sectarian Family Values…

This is the second instalment in a blog series I’m doing on Sectarian influences on gender equality and human rights.

(Original post on: South African Secular Society – blog)

This week we’re looking at Sectarian views of Family life and how they circumvent the aims of Human Rights and Gender Equality, specifically around marriage.

According to every major religion and traditional belief system in South Africa, marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman, with the family household headed by a man. This is based on “Normative Gender roles” and results in what many Christian groups publicise as the “Natural Family”. The use of natural family is to exclude legal marriages between same-sex couples and deem them as unnatural. The legalisation of same-sex marriages is touted by sectarian groups as an assault on traditional values (or religious morals) and a direct attempt at persecuting “religious followers”.

“The rise of feminism and the “gay rights” movement coincided with the death of the natural family.” Errol Naidoo, Family Policy Institute. 

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