Sectarian Family Values – Extended version

What sectarian groups are proposing is the abandonment of the hard won freedoms expressed in our basic human rights and the equality we enjoy in democratic South Africa, if only to appease their ideals for the natural family and submission to interpreted divine law…


Sectarian Family Values…

“Sectarian groups profess that instating their particular religious values would solve all these problems, that their morals are tested and absolute. They ignore actual social conditions like the increase in poverty, that the world is in an economic slow down, that sexual exploitation and abuse has been present for decades…”

Sectarianism is not for Human Rights

I’ve started a blog series on our Secular Society’s site. It concerns how sectarianism negatively affects society from accomplishing worthy Herbert equality, and the practice of gender rights. “Sectarian institutions promote themselves as “defenders of the faith”, often using cases involving religious followers, particularly Christians, to provocatively demonstrate how religious values and the rights of […]