About the Atheist Me…

Apparently, my general posts don’t really show how I’m living positively without religion. Instead they are quite anti-religion, specifically, anti-christian.


Revealing Truth…

This is a comment I made on TealTomato’s recent post. Teal is facing the difficulties about revealing her atheism to her family. It seems like the typical outcome when someone is brave enough to begin truly living their Truth. I wanted to share Teal’s and my friends story, and also how it has affected me. […]

Rescuing Religion’s refugees

(Original Post on http://recoveringfromreligionsa.tumblr.com/) *This is a follow on from the previous short post I have been reflecting on my past, and many of the stories I’ve heard from other atheists, on the fear they feel in revealing their disbelief. We’ve been whispering about creating a support structure within our new little group, but I […]