About the Atheist Me…

Apparently, my general posts don’t really show how I’m living positively without religion. Instead they are quite anti-religion, specifically, anti-christian.


God will not feed the hungry…

No amount of prayer has ever stopped or solved anything. There is evidence of that. No deity is, was or will solve real human problems…Because they are not concerned whether you are clothed, fed, sheltered, protected or able to follow your life’s ambition. Their only concern is with your “soul”, the one thing that matters […]

Rescuing Religion’s refugees

(Original Post on http://recoveringfromreligionsa.tumblr.com/) *This is a follow on from the previous short post I have been reflecting on my past, and many of the stories I’ve heard from other atheists, on the fear they feel in revealing their disbelief. We’ve been whispering about creating a support structure within our new little group, but I […]

I’m an Atheist…Relatively!

I started this blogging project to explore what it means to be an Atheist living positively without religion, exploring the values which many people share, irrespective of their religious affiliation. To find common ground to begin a conversation to move us beyond tolerance and towards a life and society of mutual respect. Ambitious? No, this […]